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Grateful-Lee (Decaf)


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In honor of Catherine Lee Fox, 11.22.44 ~ 3.13.16

A classic dark roast with a new school flair. Rich notes of dark chocolate, roasted walnut, and caramel leads to a smooth finish without any lingering bitterness

Justin lost his life to a heroin overdose on December 5, 2018 and our lives were changed forever. The opioid epidemic continues to take beautiful souls like Justin, all around the world, every single day.  We work tirelessly to break the stigma around addiction, through telling beautiful stories of recovery and beyond, every day. Our mission is to break the stigma around addiction so that we can conquer that shame and break free.

Those who have lost their lives to this insidious disease didn’t get a chance to live their great story, but we still have time. So ask yourself, are you living a great story? A sticker is included in each bag of coffee.  We ask you to place it somewhere as a daily reminder to live in a way that makes you proud – live a great story- and then show us where you’ve put it by tagging us on social with the hashtags #dragonolia and #liveagreatstory.

Please enjoy the coffee. And if you have an inspiring story for us, give us a shout!

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